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What people say about Fifty Nude Women

“Most people don’t have a chance to see what other people’s bodies look like. This simple video allows others to examine, up close and in an unembarrassing setting, natural women’s bodies of all ages...”
—Deborah Edberg, family doctor, Chicago
"'50 Women' provides the rare and illuminating opportunity to view women's bodies in a natural way, and in a light that mainstream media rarely provides. This video could be a great tool to build women's body image. The filmmaker is to be commended for an original, educational undertaking."
—Kaja Perina, Editor-in-Chief, Psychology Today
"Sharing ‘Fifty Nude Women’ with your children would be a great way to keep them from becoming self-conscious about the human body.”
—Heather Cristol, teacher & parent, NYC
"Deceptively simple as a film, 50 Nude Women is unbelievably powerful in at once demystifying stereotypical images of women's bodies and then asserting a confidence about what real female bodies actually look like.  It does this without preaching and with a lovely sense of humor."
—Christopher Pavsek, professor & film scholar, Vancouver
“Positive, joyful, effective... a must-have reference for every family’s library—and an invaluable teaching tool for therapists, doctors, and educators.”
—Christina J. Dixon, education consultant, Pittsburgh