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Set Ws2
produced & directed by
Margot Roth
co-produced by
Elizabeth Westrate
director of photography
Claudia Raschke-Robinson
lighting by
Evin Lowe
sound by
Shawn Marie Walsh
second camera
Sadia Shepard
video engineer
Andrea Cummis
production crew
Dianne Barnes
Kathryn Counsell
Laura Madden
Olivia Martin-McGuire
Kathleen O'Clock
Birgit Rathsmann
Michele Recore
set-up & strike grip
Andrew Steever
set-up engineer
Kurt Kimmel
still photographer
Ellen McDermott
photographer’s assistant
Priscilla Lang
additional still photography by
Olivia Martin-McGuire
Kathleen O’Clock
Michele Recore
edited by
Margot Roth
original music & arrangements by
Tommy Mandel
additional music by
Woody Pak
technical consultant & bench coach
Andy McCown
consulting editor/producer
Linda Hattendorf
editing assistant
Jessica George
pick-up photography
Andrew Steever
Adam Kaufman
online editor
Sandy Patch
online editing assistant
Andrew Pang
audio mixer
Alex Noyes
color corrections by
Jon Fordham
Steve Pequignot
Bill Stokes
equipment rental & other services
Broderson Backdrops
Cine Qua Non, Inc.
DeWitt Stern Group, Inc.
Final Frame
Glue Editing & Design
Jonathan Walsh, EA
Magno Sound & Video
Tamberelli Video
Splash Studios
Teatown Video
The Space, Inc.
Steven C. Schechter
DVD compressionist
Rachel Melman
package design
Joel T. Jordan, Earthprogram Ltd.
Andy McCown

Many thanks to the crew & facilities listed above. Many donated or discounted their services.

Most importantly, thanks to the fifty women who volunteered to pose for this project. Their names are not listed here out of respect for their privacy, but their central role in this project--as well as their warmth & generosity of spirit--is acknowledged with deepest gratitude & love.

Nadia and Dani        2 Backs

The production was fiscally sponsored by Cine Qua Non, a non-profit organization dedicated to producing media projects & educational materials on issues of social & cultural relevance.

This project was in part funded through the generosity of individual donors.

Special thanks:

Heather Allison • Margaret Anglin • Rick Bojalad • Carl & Nina Borromeo • Matt & Ruth Brown • Meredith Cabe • Mary Daly • Doris Drago • Debbie Edberg • Reva & Sandy Edberg • Aaron Edison • Kristen Flynn • Lauren & Michael Gearon • Mike Green & friends • Ann Haskell • Gretchen & Tom Mayo • Andy McCown • Paulie & Bill McCown • Natalie Meyers • Stu Meyers • Nancy Monte Santo • Hope & Mike PascucciMary & Chuck Roth • Norman & Ellen Roth • Chris Rowley • Julie & Kevin Shanabrook • Regan Solmo • Mary & Wayne Sommerfeld • Adrienne Teleki • Geoff Webster • Beth & David Wolk • Carole & Harvey Wolsh

Additional thanks to:

Tom Behrens • Mike Bain • Diane Best • Jenny Boyle • Will Cox • Heather Cristol • The D-Word • Jake Diamond • Christina Dixon • Doug Fishbone • Steve Glos • Edward Goldberg • Jon Gold • Wendy Greene • Jennifer Groves • Smokey Forrester • Amelia Hanibelsz • Ed Howe • Ellen Hovde • Viki Jewell • Gemma Jordan • Kelly Korzan & Tim French • Dave Kausch • Josh Kurz • Marion Lipschutz & Rose Rosenblatt • Tonya Martines • the McCown family including Rick Donner • Eric Merola • Muffie Meyer & Ron Blumer • Denise Ohio • Alan Oxman • Chris Pavsek & family • Sarah Plant • Jen Polk • Jen Raikes & friends • Jason Ratliff & Christine Yi • Reto Lichtensteiger • Dave Rivello • Geri Rizzo • Todd & Ingrid Spencer • Marie Stallman • Meredith & Jason Stallman • the Stallmans' friend Troy • Marie Sullivan • Chuck Wilcosky • & anyone who contributed to the project but whom I’ve inadvertently left off this list ~

One more special thanks to my dad, Chuck Roth, who provided some great illustrations for the packaging and website.