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How to Contact Us

Questions about orders:

Please direct any questions about orders to: orders@fiftywomen.com

(I apologize if it takes a few days to respond to your inquiry; I do check my email regularly, but the "staff" here is just one person!)

Some people have inquired about paying by check. Just send me an email at orders@fiftywomen.com and I'll give you the information for that.

If you would like to place an order for a bookstore or similar (or you'd like to host a group screening and would like some DVDs on hand to sell), please email for information: wholesale@fiftywomen.com

General contact information:

We love to get your feedback & hear your ideas. To leave a comment about the project, give feedback on the video, or otherwise contact the producer (not related to orders), send email to: producer@fiftywomen.com

If you're interested in holding a group screening, we encourage it! Those who have held small group screenings report that watching the film together is enlightening, enjoyable, touching and even liberating. If you want to, tell us about your experience at: screenings@fiftywomen.com.

For the fifty ladies:

Last but not least, if you were one of the fifty women participants whom I've lost contact with over the years & you're reading this now, please contact me with your updated information! Email: longlostwomen@fiftywomen.com